We have again hired the Pavilion for the activities, which fall into two areas: multilingual Rhythm and Song in front of a microphone, and crafts, games, information and puzzles in the Language Market, set up around the ‘stage’.

MLP setup 003

As we discovered last year, when the heavens opened up, the Pavilion provided excellent shelter for the MLP activities, which concluded with a very special piñata. Weather permitting, an animal word trail will be set up around the farm property so you can incorporate some language learning while strolling around and feeding the animals.

 to easter 2015 2 016

 So, barring any last-minute developments, the program now features seven languages in Rhythm and Song, and two more in the Languages Market:

Time Rhythm and Song Who
10.45 am World Melodies Accordion Accents Ensemble
11.00 am Official Opening Cr Rosario
11.20 am Mandarin Choir Berwick Lodge PS
11.40 am Chinese Flute Echo
12 noon Old MacDonald – Arabic + Nibal, with Julian
12.20 pm Wonky Donkey – English + Brigitte, with Julian
12.40 pm German with ‘Felix und Franzi’ Carrum PS and Flinders Christian College
1.00 pm World Melodies Accordion Accents Ensemble
1.20 pm Telugu Counting Lesson Hyma
1.40 pm Tamil Demonstration Bhuvana
2.00 pm Yellow Duck Rap – Spanish + Diana
2.15 pm World Melodies Accordion Accents Ensemble
2.30 pm Pinata Carolina


Languages Market Who
Arabic/Egyptian scripts Tarek
Bavarian hats Eva
Japanese origami Lizzie
Spanish maracas, fans Diana, Manuel
Tamil craft Bhuvana
Telugu rangoli Hyma
Vietnamese lanterns Van Tran
Games and puzzles
Farm animal word trail
Info points







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