Melbourne Language Picnic (MLP) is an initiative of Languages Action Alliance, an Australia-wide network of families, teachers, organisations and individuals who share a multilingual vision for this country. As an event which also celebrates cultural diversity,  this picnic highlights one city’s multilingual profile in order to foster positive attitudes towards different languages and the cultures which attach to them. In this way, the event hopes to help build bridges towards cross-cultural understanding.

MLP first came together in 2009 on a wing, a prayer and a great deal of curiosity about what would happen next. Its continuation and success very much rest on ‘people power’, on the  goodwill and generosity of sponsors, and many volunteer organisers and supporters.

Motivation to hold MLP again in 2016:

Peter, sound engineer: Thanks for a great day today, I know just how much work you all put into it…and the day was a success. These types of events are born from the heart, no one getting paid, lots of hurdles etc etc….thats what makes them so special.

Carolina, program volunteer: I just arrived home! What a day, but with lots of fun!!! On the way home, my son asked me, when the next picnic will be. I had to tell him not for another year…Not only did he have a ball, but he has made new friends, he is looking forward to seeing them again. Thank you for this gift to the community.

Hui, visitor: Thanks a lot for your invitation. The whole family had a very good time. We are also impressed by the initiative. Really wonderful.

So, become part of the action and ‘taste’ some different kinds of lingo!

We look forward to meeting you.